Installation guides


Getting Started

- Install the cooling system in the most ventilated portion of the vehicle possible. Avoid installing our systems over the transmission tunnel or exhaust.

- Use spacers between the cooler and the floor pan. This raises the system allowing air to pass under and circulate around the system.

- Utilize NACA ducting, inline fans, or a blower to force cooler air from outside of the vehicle to the intake of the Cooler. This method is effective at boosting cooling efficiency in various race cars that experience an increased cabin temperature.

- Check and top up the coolant formula before use. If the system begins to run low on formula, it has to work harder to keep you cool. Top off the fluid before every use to prevent from running low.

- Ensure your cooling hose is as short as possible. The less distance the formula has to travel between the cooler and your shirt, the cooler your shirt will be, resulting in less work for the unit.

* System temperature should never exceed 140ºF

Mounting the baseplate

1. Determine the best location to mount your ChillOut System inside the car. If possible, make sure that you keep the system away from any heat sources. Be sure to keep a gap between the back of the unit so that the air can circulate freely.

2. Place the base plate from the unit where you have decided to install it and use a sharpie to mark the holes for installation into the vehicle. We recommend using a rivnut or something similar.

3. Once the outline has been traced onto your window, a rotary cutting tool can be used to cut out the outline. We recommend M5 nut serts and 35mm long conical headed bolts for most installs.

4. Drill out the properly sized holes so that you can install the rivnuts into the vehicle. Once the rivnuts are installed, you can attach the base plate to the vehicle but make sure you install the provided rubber isolators between the base place and the installed rivnuts to keep airflow underneath the unit.

5. With the base plate installed, insert the unit into the plate and install the 2 ball pin connectors to the unit.

Installing the ducting

When installing a NACA duct and plenum, consider using ChillOut Systems 4 inch ducting and plenums. With nearly twice the airflow as 3 inch ducting, this is the most efficient way to keep your system cool. In some cases 3 inches may be the only option and though restrictive, can still provide sufficient cooling.

Installation steps

Once the outline has been traced onto your window, a rotary cutting tool can be used to cut out the outline.

We recommend using M4 nuts and bolts to secure the naca duct into a lexan window.

Installing the wiring

First connect the wiring harness to the system and run it to your electrical source. This can be directly to the battery with an inline fuse or to a 40amp relay if you are using a switch for the install.

Installation steps

Once you figure out the length of wire required you can trim the excess and connect it accordingly. (Our wiring harness uses 8 AWG wire)

Connect the remote wire to the system if you have purchased a remote.

This wire can’t be cut or shorted so it is recommended to coil up any excess and secure it somewhere out of the way of the driver.

We recommend putting the remote somewhere that sun won’t directly glare onto it. (This can make it hard to read while driving).

Connecting to your driver

We offer a couple different options to connect the driver to the system. ( Dual prong and our new rapid release system)

Installation steps

If you are using a dual prong connector than you will just run our insulated hose from the unit to where the driver seat is making sure there is enough slack to reach the drivers shirt comfortably.

The insulated hoses can be cut and shortened if required.

If you are using the rapid release system you can either cut and install it to a regular insulated hose or use our Y split hose.

If you use the Y split hose, We recommend keeping a dual prong on one side of the seat and installing the rapid release on the opposite side. (this keeps both options in the car for connecting any of our shirts to the car)

Priming the system

Included with every ChillOut System is a 6 inch priming tube. With a dual prong adapter, the tube can also be used for pre-cooling. Connect the priming loop onto the end of the cooling hose that is not connected to the cooler, or connect the loop directly to the cooler and watch the temperature decrease within minutes. Use the pre-cooling loop before and between sessions on track days or before stints on race days.


Please do not add any fluid other than ChillØut Systems’ Coolant Formula and distilled water to the System. The use of serums, antifreeze, etc can result in the congelation or freezing the systems internals.

Do not power on your Chillout System without Coolant Formula in the reservoir. As a safety measure, the pump system will shut down if it runs too low.


With 1 part coolant formula with 4 parts distilled water before reconnecting power to the Quantum Cooler.

Drain cooling garments that contained water from any ice-based system before connecting to the Quantum Cooler. Ice-based systems require maintenance formula that could possibly react with the Coolant Formula and congeal. *Be 100% sure you do not have any mold or other funk in your old shirt. This will completely clog your system

E2 errors

An E2 error is an indication the circuit is being disrupted. With the system update (V2), the digital display will show an E2 error for the following circumstances:
a hose or shirt adapter is not connected properly
there is a kink in the cooling hose
there is a kink in the wiring harness
the reservoir is low on coolant

If you run the fluid level in the system low for too long, a safety mechanism will activate, shutting the Quantum Cooler down to prevent it from running dry and overheating. If this occurs, turn the system off and refill the reservoir before powering on.

If the system does not power back on, unplug the wiring harness (or AC adapter) from the Quantum Cooler, wait a few seconds, then plug it back in.

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