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While every driver cooling system on the market is impacted by ambient temperatures, there has never been a system as powerful as the Quantum Cooler. To prevent your system from heat soak, prevent from max power draw, and to simply boost cooling efficiency, see the tips listed below: 

- Install the cooling system in the most ventilated portion of the vehicle possible. Avoid installing system over transmission tunnel or exhaust. 

- Use spacers between the cooler and the floor pan. This raises the system up off of the floor pan allowing air to pass under and circulate around the system. 

- Utilize NACA ducting, inline fans, or a blower to force cooler air from outside of the vehicle to the intake of the Quantum Cooler. This method has been extremely effective at boosting cooling efficiency in a variety of hot cockpit cars from Miatas to LMP3 race cars. 

- Top off the coolant formula before every use. The system uses minuscule amounts of fluid, so it's easy to forget to add coolant formula from time to time. If the system begins to run low on formula, it has to work harder to keep you cool. Top off the fluid before every use to prevent from running low. 

- Shorten your cooling hose. The less distance the formula has to travel between the cooler and your shirt, the cooler your shirt will be, also resulting in less work for the unit. 

* System temperature should never exceed 140º. Use these tips to combat heat soak, lessen power draw, and extend the life of your ChillØut Systems Quantum Cooler. 

If you have questions about your Quantum Cooler, feel free to reach out to a ChillOut Systems team member or call the number in our contacts list. We'll be happy to help.