Getting Started_2


The Quantum Cooler V2 requires a 12V 30 amp or greater power supply. We strongly recommend:

  • Install to accessory
  • Utilize a fuse holder
  • Utilize a 40 amp relay switch/ (ACC) trigger wire

When installing the wiring harness, be absolutely sure to install the black wire as negative/ground. Reversing the polarity of the power will fry the system and void the warranty.

*Do NOT power the Quantum Cooler on without coolant formula in the reservoir. Lubrication is necessary for the system to run properly.


The base mounts with 4x 6mm counter sink bolts.

Mounting location should be in the coolest, most ventilated portion of the vehicle. Cooler air will boost efficiency and reduce current draw.

Mount the system where the intake is facing away from the transmission tunnel and exhaust.

We recommend you use 1 – 1.5 inch spacers between the base plate and the floor pan to prevent from heat soak.



  • 1-1.5 inch spacers
  • NACA Duct (3M tape)
  • 3 inch blower
  • Additional fans
Like a race car, aftermarket parts affect performance.

In most vehicles, a NACA duct and blower are necessary to source cooler air and enable your Quantum Cooler to perform to its potential.

When installing a NACA duct and plenum, consider 3M double-sided tape because of its hermetic quality.

Also, consider the shorter the distance between you and the system, the more efficient the cooling. Cooling hoses can be cut to fit and shrink wrapped for a clean, finished look.


  1. Pre-mix one part coolant to one part distilled water
    *Do not power the system on before priming.
  2. With the updated Quantum Cooler V2, we pre-lubricate before shipping. Before hooking up your Quantum Cooler V2 to the power supply, please pick up and shake the system vigorously. Shake it the same way you would a can of spray paint – this re-lubricates the internals and eliminates air bubbles.
  3. Fill the coolant reservoir with one part coolant one part distilled water mixture until the fluid level reaches .5 inches from the top.
  4. Connect the priming tube (6 inch clear tubing included in Quantum Cooler V2 packaging) to a dual prong adapter to create a priming loop.
  5. Snap the priming loop onto the Quantum Cooler V2 prongs.
  6. Plug in the wiring harness or AC power supply and turn the system on by holding the power button down until you hear a beeping noise and see the lights come on.
  7. Once the system powers on, you will see the coolant mixture start to pump through the priming loop and the coolant reservoir level will go down. This is due to the formula traveling throughout the system.
  8. Turn the temperature gauge all the way down to the lowest setting by pushing the (--) button four times and wait for approximately five minutes (or until the fluid is clear of air bubbles) as the system is priming and dropping in temperature.
  9. Disconnect the priming tube ( you do not have to turn the system off for this step).
    Connect the cooling hose with the shirt or pre-cooling loop at the end to the system prongs where the loop was connected before.
  10. You will immediately see the fluid level decrease due to the transfer throughout the hose and garment internals.
    Gradually refill the reservoir with coolant mixture until it reaches .5 inches from the top once again.
  11. After you tighten the cap on the reservoir, your system is primed and ready to be used.


An E2 error is an indication the circuit is being disrupted.
With the system update (V2), the digital display will show an E2 error for the following circumstances:

  • a hose or shirt adapter is not connected properly
  • there is a kink in the cooling hose
  • there is a kink in the wiring harness
  • the reservoir is low on coolant
If you run the fluid level in the system low for too long, a safety mechanism will activate, shutting the Quantum Cooler down to prevent it from running dry and overheating. If this occurs, turn the system off and refill the reservoir before powering on.

If the system does not power back on, unplug the wiring harness (or AC adapter) from the Quantum Cooler, wait a few seconds, then plug it back in.

The Quantum Cooler V2 includes the following updates:


  • Auto-restarting power converter – If there is a voltage drop, as a safety function, the system automatically shuts the compressor off.
  • More powerful fans – 1500 rpms more than the previous cooler had. This not only increases cooling performance but helps decrease amp draw due to the elimination of excessive heat within the cooler.
  • Pre-cooling – included with every Quantum Cooler V2 is a 6 inch priming tube. With a dual prong adapter, the tube can also be used for pre-cooling. Connect the priming loop onto the end of the cooling hose that is not connected to the cooler, or connect the loop directly to the cooler and watch the temperature decrease within minutes. Use the pre-cooling loop before and between sessions on track days or before stints on race days.
  • 6th speed setting – Our compressor makes better use of the sixth speed setting, utilizing it for a longer period of time. The system will stay at 100% power until it is within 2 degrees of the target temperature setting.
  • Lower amp draw – Expect to see a power savings of about 4 amps compared to the previous cooler.
  • Flow sensor – If the hose is not properly connected to the shirt, “E2” will appear on the displays. This error code informs you if your shirt connections are not properly fastened. The flow sensor also shuts down the compressor until the circuit flow is reconnected.
  • Power on/off – If the system is turned off and the power is removed and then reconnected, the system will stay off. If the system is on and the power is removed and then reconnected, the system will come back on.
  • Reservoir cap – Our original cap sealed the system well but was also a pain to remove and replace. We’ve replaced it with a cap that is more convenient yet still gets the job done.



  • Do not add any fluid other than ChillØut Systems’ Coolant Formula and distilled water to the Quantum Cooler. (Serums, antifreeze, etc.) could possibly result in the congelation or freezing of the internals of the system.
  • Do not power the Quantum Cooler on without Coolant Formula in the reservoir. The safety mechanism shuts the system down if it runs too low. Refill the system with a one to one mixture of coolant formula and distilled water before reconnecting power to the Quantum Cooler.
  • Drain cooling garments that contained water from any ice-based system before connecting to the Quantum Cooler. Ice-based systems require maintenance formula that could possibly react with the Coolant Formula and congeal.
  • Quantum Cooler operating temperature should not exceed 120º. If running condition is over 120º, spacers, NACA duct, blower, and/or additional fans will be necessary to run temperatures advertised.