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We are twisty mountain road enthusiasts, track day junkies, and race car drivers. We live for speed. We are all about hitting apexes and finding the smoothest, quickest way around – on and off track.

That’s how ChillOut Systems was born.

When our founder needed a driver cooling system to keep him dry and focused behind the wheel on a blazing summer track day in Georgia, the standard ice cooling system wasn’t cutting it. He wasn’t impressed by the bulk, weight, or design. Taking the time to top off the cooler with ice every 30-45 minutes was just slowing him down.

Today, we have infinitely intelligent computers that fit in our pockets and racecars topping 800 horsepower – and a garden hose sewn to an undershirt hooked up to a beer cooler to keep us cool.

He knew he could do better. So he created Chillout Systems – the most technologically forward, lightweight, compact driver cooling system in the world.

At ChillOut Systems, we cut out the bulk with modern apparel design, cut out the weight by eliminating 10lbs or more of ice, and most importantly, we cut out the labor. No ice, water, or maintenance required, so you can focus on what’s important – your lap times.

This evolution of the industry means adding a 5 temperature control setting from 40º-70º, easy touch adjustment buttons, a dash-mountable remote, a quick-release dual pin mounting plate, and dual-tube connectors that pump 20 liters per minute.

We strive for compact, portable, modern, effortless, and effective and we have superseded our every goal.

Performance level driver cooling at hobbyist pricing – ChillOut!